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Audio conversations

A series of conversations connected to the field of sound and moving image. Exploring the roles of host and guest, each episode is based on a research encounter with a creative practitioner and Techne PhD students Judah Attille, Therese Henningsen, Mark Aerial Waller and Astrid Korporaal. Together, they question the relationships between audience, screen, maker and subject. The conversations invite both speakers and listeners to unsettle conventions around objectivity, ethics and participation.

eurasian woodcock on balcony
Eurasian woodcock visiting a balcony in Amsterdam.

sophie hope cards
Astrid Korporaal and Sophie Hope
dead of night the haunted mirror
Mark Aerial Waller and Donald Kunze

Judah Attille and Taylor Lemelle

Therese Henningsen and Juliette Joffé

The series is funded by the Techne AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership

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