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Join Therese Henningsen, Judah Attille, Mark Aerial Waller and Astrid Korporaal for a series of four pre-recorded audio conversations on TECHNECAST. Each episode is based on a research encounter with a creative practitioner connected to the field of sound and moving image. Together, they question the relationships between audience, screen, maker and subject. These exchanges invite you to creatively unsettle conventions around objectivity, ethics and participation at a live online social event in the coming months.

The  ‘invitations’ group came together during January 2020 Techne Congress, meeting at Therese Henningsen’s screening and discussion. The initial discussions prompted possibilities for further dialogue, so in May 2020 the group started meeting regularly online for a balance of research discussion and pastoral care. Techne’s Student Led Events Funding presented the opportunity to develop a series of interviews and a social event.

Let’s build something together.

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