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Astrid Korporaal and Sophie Hope

A conversation with creative practitioner and Birkbeck University Lecturer Dr. Sophie Hope and Astrid Korporaal around the use of performative strategies and role play in research and collaborative art practice, as well as the importance of long-term conversations, time to pause, and thinking in dialogue.

Images and projects discussed in order of appearance:

Derek di Fabio, Conquer the Sky! 2013

1. Derek di Fabio, Conquer the Sky!, Almanac Projects, 2013. 

Cards on the Table

2. Sophie Hope, Cards on the Table, developed with Ania Bas, Sian Hunter-Dodsworth, Sophie Mallet and Henry Mulhall 

3. Theron Schmidt, Untitled, 2019

4. Frames of Representation festival symposium, ‘How to think’ with Laura Cull and Rajni Shah

Performative Interviews

5. Sophie Hope, Performative Interviews (still), 2007.

1984 Dinners (Johannesburg)

6. Sophie Hope, 1984 Dinners (Johannesburg), The Bag Factory, 2014. 

Virginia Ariu, Untitled (Care, Community, Ecology), 2020

7. Virginia Ariu, Untitled (Care, Community, Ecology), 2020. For #almanaccare29 June – 20 December 2020.

8. Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards, Manual Labours, 2013-onwards

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse

9. Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly, Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse (screenshot), podcast series about cultural democracy, ongoing.

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